Essential for Substations – cybersecurity!


Learn about the importance of cybersecurity in the substation network and how to implement it.

Protecting the power grid against cyber attacks requires a security strategy that takes hold at all levels. This includes not only controlling digital access from outside, but also monitoring and detecting suspicious or unauthorized activity within the substation network.

Suitable real-time intrusion detection systems should offer not only a high degree of security in the long term, but they should also require little maintenance, and be easily integrated into the automated processes used in maintaining and operating substation systems.

In this episode of Energy Talks, we speak with Thomas Friedel, who is expert for cybersecurity at OMICRON. Thomas shares his experiences and insights for implementing a successful cybersecurity program in substations.

He also talks about what led to the development of our highly effective StationGuard solution for protecting substations from unauthorized access and malicious activities. Lastly, Thomas discusses cybersecurity trends and recommends what substations should be doing now to ensure reliable cybersecurity into the future.

Find out more about cybersecurity and our solutions for protecting substations here.


“Cyber attacks are increasing and are becoming more deceptive.”

-Thomas Friedel,  OMICRON Cybersecurity Expert


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