Power Line Testing in Quickly Expanding Power Grids

Coordinated teamwork ensures greater power line measurement safety and efficiency.

Since we last spoke with OMICRON customer Gustav Lundqvist in Energy Talks Episode Number 3, he has grown his electrical measurement service company Kraftdiagnos in relation to both team size and the types of tests performed for customers on both medium-voltage and high-voltage electrical equipment in power grids throughout Sweden.

Touch voltage measurements on power lines are one area of testing that remains in high demand for the customers of Kraftdiagnos.

In this episode, Gustav offers practical tips about performing power line measurements, and explains how he best utilizes his team and testing equipment to perform these potentially dangerous power line measurements over greater distances in a highly safe and efficient way.

Gustav also describes how the CPC 100 multi-functional testing device with CP CU1 and CPC Sync saves his teams valuable time when performing these measurements remotely in the field and how PTM DataSync enables him to quickly create the reports in a central location. 

More information about power line testing is available on the following page:

Transmission Lines

Photo Gallery

Gustav Lundqvist and his team at Kraftdiagnos performing touch voltage and earthing (grounding) measurements on and around power lines throughout Sweden. Source: Kraftdiagnos 2021.

“It is essential to have teamwork in the field to work faster and more safely.”

- Gustav Lundqvist, Founder and CEO Kraftdiagnos

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