A New Protection Testing Approach for Greater Accuracy and Efficiency

The life cycles of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) used in protection systems at electrical utilities are becoming shorter. Additionally, the time spans between firmware updates for these devices are decreasing. 

Electrical utilities need to verify several parameters more frequently, such as the functional requirements, the quality of new firmware, the correctness of commissioning, the parameter settings and more. Therefore, the need for qualified testing strategies is increasing in each phase of the lifecycle of protection devices. 

In this episode, OMICRON protection testing expert Michael Albert discusses the advantages of standardizing and automating protection testing practices. He describes how standardization and automation can improve protection testing quality and decrease testing time. He also suggests best practice examples for implementation.

Learn about OMICRON protection testing solutions here: 

Protection Testing Solutions


“There is an increased need for protection testing, but there are fewer staff members and less time to do it.”

Michael Albert, Protection Testing Expert, OMICRON

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