Cybersecurity in the Power Grid – A 360° View | Part 6

Chances and risks of operational technology (OT) in the energy and aviation sectors

Welcome to the 6th episode of our Energy Talks miniseries, Cybersecurity in the Power Grid, in which we provide a 360-degree view of how power grids can best safeguard their infrastructures from cyber-attacks.

In this episode, Andreas Klien, OMICRON cybersecurity expert and Business Area Manager for Power Utility Communication, discusses the differences and similarities of using OT technology in the aviation and electrical power industry sectors with his guest, Ron Brash, a renowned vulnerability researcher in the aviation industry and Vice President of Technical Research and Integration at aDolus in British Columbia, Canada.

Andreas and Ron exchange stories about when things have gone wrong from their many years of experience in the aviation and electrical power industries.

They highlight the contributing factors that have led to or nearly caused breaches in cybersecurity from both the OT and IT perspectives and exchange useful strategies in their related industry to help others reduce risk.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes in our Cybersecurity in the Power Grid miniseries.

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“If you know that you have OT devices with vulnerable agent components, you will have to revise your risk management strategy to include defense at multiple layers.

- Ron Brash, Vice President of Technical Research and Integration aDolus

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