OMICRON – Your partner for a reliable energy supply in your industrial enterprise


You have to make sure that there are no interruptions to the power supply for your industrial enterprise, thereby helping to avoid production outages. We would like to assist you. We have more than 25 years of experience in supplying electrical energy. We are happy to pass this experience on – with testing solutions, training, and services for you.

Below is an overview of our solutions for industrial undertakings.

SAFETY FIRST – Your safety is very important to us


We have adapted the safety procedures of our test sets to the needs of our customers, in accordance with current safety regulations. Our defined test procedures and automated processes help prevent mistakes and we use the latest technology to ensure maximum safety, such as the fiber optic cables in our MPD test system. We are constantly simplifying our test setups, to make operations as safe as possible. Safety always requires good communication, which is why all of our manuals and training content are available in your mother tongue.


OMICRON electronics GmbH

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